Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Nguyên Khang Attempted Suicide

Singer Nguyên Khang was hospitalized late last week due to an overdosed of medication that was quickly discovered by his family, who immediately dialed 911. He was saved through CPR and rushed to the hospital for further treatment. It is still in the air to the real reasons why he wanted to attempt suicide. The singer said it was due to a moment of despair. According to sources close to the singer, the reasons might have been family related issue more than any love problem. Many colleagues visited Nguyên Khang’s home where he’s currently rested to offer their consolation hoping that he gets well. Nguyên Khang also talked to others through the phone even though he is very weak. Everyone wishes that the singer soon recovered.

Read The Reasons Behind Nguyen Khang's Overdosed


Anonymous said...

What? He tried to commit suicide? Why? That's insane. Can you please update us with more information once you get them. I have seen him in concert once and he is very good. It's so sad to see a talented person hurt himself like this.

Anonymous said...

Are you serious?! I would'nt never guessed... especially how his career has been doing so well this past few years.

Karly said...

Yeah I was shocked too. There's an artile about it on sbtn.net here http://sbtn.net/?catid=161&newsid=25506&pid=157 and it was also posted on Cali Today

Myson Nguyen said...

o wow
that is very sad
hmn that is very weird though
he looked so happy on Van Son in Singapore...wow

Anonymous said...

What both the anonymous said. :)