Friday, February 01, 2008

Tuấn Ngọc & Thái Thảo Parted?

Veteran singer Tuấn Ngọc released his DVD “Riêng Một Góc Trời” in late December 2007. In the live show held for the premiere of his DVD appearance, his wife singer Thái Thảo was reported to be missing causing questions to whether the rumors are true about their split. Thái Thảo is the daughter of famous musician Phạm Duy and singer Thái Hằng; her brother is singer Duy Quang. Usually singer Thái Thảo is always at her husband’s sides. But at such an event, she was not there to support. However there could well be other unknown reasons we do not know about. Furthermore singer Tuấn Ngọc has always been a person receiving many praises for his character so many people doubt the rumors to be true. Of course if the rumor is true, we are in no position to judge the matter because it is his personal affair.

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Squiggle said...

Had a chance to check out his Live Show DVD a few weeks ago, their on-stage chemistry, both vocal and visual, is unrivaled. Hard to imagine them splitting up. But then again, who would have imagined Hanh Phuoc and Don Duong getting married or NQ getting pregnant!