Saturday, March 22, 2008

Artist's Profile: David Meng

Name: David Meng
Birthday: 3/3/1979
Birthplace: Cambodia
Language Spoken: Cambodian, Vietnamese, and English
Hobbies: Basketball, volleyball, bowling,friends and singing
Favorite Music: R pop, techno and trane
Favorite Color: Green
Favorite Food: All kinds
Claim to Fame: Thuy Nga's Paris Night Talent Show 2007

My Thoughts:
David is a cool guy. It always upset me how he didn't get as much from his winning in Thuy Nga's talent show other than the money. It is sad that he doesn't get as much respect as an artist, one because of his ethnicity, second his looks, and the how those factors play into people disliking him before giving him a chance to improve and grow as an artist. It is not rare for people of a different ethnicity to sing Vietnamese or a language other than their native. Still it is something to give credit to, and it takes time and devotion to practice and definitely some kind of love of the particular language to be able to speak and sing that language. So I think David Meng deserves a lot of credit and he needs to be further promoted by Thuy Nga. After all he is the people’s choice and the winner. Vietnamese audiences should give him a chance, and get to know him better as an artist.


Anonymous said...

I like David Meng, he has a great personality. The money he won, he donated all to one a Viet charity (I don't remember the charity name, i read it awhile ago on thuy nga forum). ThuyNga is racist. That old wacko huynh thi tried to promote himself as a "movie star" in the movie dem trong can nha hoang, he is too old and too damn ugly in the movie, yet the movie is terrible, don't waste your money to buy it.

Anonymous said...

I don't think it's because of this ethnic cause you see people like che linh and truong vu doing fine in the industry. for it's i think it's his vocal wasn't the best out of the other contestant..he need to work on it more.

Anonymous said...

Thuy Nga did like that was wrong. At lease he get to sing for his 1 year contract with PBN. But PBN doesn't give him a chance I mean 1 chance at all. The last show he was in was in Korea and i think he did a great job on that. The way Thuy Nga did like who would go for the talent show try out. The winner don't get the chance to sing while other not a winner they got the promoted from the PBN. That is mess up. Well David Meng don't give it up yet. I hope the other company like Asia and Van Son will promote you.