Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Bằng Kiều & Family In VN

Many Vietnamese entertainers from the U.S. are visiting Vietnam looking for work, investments opportunity, or just to purchase a nice villa there. However this year Bằng Kiều and his family singer Trizzie Phương Trinh and their two sons visited Vietnam after 4 years not to perform but to visit families only. Even if there are plans to do any work, it must be permitted by the entertainment department in Vietnam and other divisions as well. It is definitely a complicated process since in 2004, many of Bằng Kiều’s work were banned from usage and furthermore he was stripped away of his Vietnamese citizenship since he married his wife in 2002 and resides in the U.S. Bằng Kiều and his family arrived in Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City) on February 27, 2008 visiting Trizzie’s side of the family first and then the next day they traveled to Hanoi where Bằng Kiều was greeted by his family and relatives who showed up with open arms. Bằng Kiều looks the same as he did 4 years ago. He was very happy and did not want or know what more to say at the moment. It was definitely a great reunion for Bằng Kiều and his family after 4 years. Trizzie Phương Trinh told reporters that they would spend most of the time with family, and do some traveling in Vietnam.

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