Thursday, March 06, 2008

Everyone Loves Đàm Vĩnh Hưng!

Yes, no matter what all the newspapers say or how much people say they hate Đàm Vĩnh Hưng. They want to boycott him; they question his sexuality, or just hating on him and his talents. Everyone else seems to adore the singer or maybe they too want him to rub off some of the notoriety onto them.
Please view with a sense of humor.

Making up with Khánh Ly

Playing mommy with Hồng Đào

Eating out with Hồng Ngọc

Side by side with Thế Sơn

Backstage with Linda Vi Trâm Nguyễn

In love with Trina Bảo Trân

Going vampire with Huy Vũ

All glittery with Như Loan

BFF with Trường Vũ

Getting close with Lưu Bích

Dancing with Nguyễn Hưng

Hanging with Kỳ Duyên

Lend a helping hand to Khánh Hà. So caring.

Helping Hương Lan, isn't he nice?

DVH water fun with Phương Thanh. He is protecting her. Aww...

Sandwich between Trúc Linh & Trúc Lam

Sharing make up tips with Lê Uyên

Male fans admire him

Female fans adore him

Everyone just loves him!

But, he loves Bác Hồ


Anonymous said...

I don't know where you find all these pictures but they're awesome...great post.

Anonymous said...

i chuckled at your commentary, especially on the last pic. nice way to build it up XD.

Lynda said...

hahah nice blog

Anonymous said...

LOL. The truth is everyone who lives in Viet Nam do love Bac Ho. Just like how some people love George Bush no matter what.

Anonymous said...

hilarious...yes indeed the last one was funny.

Anonymous said...

lol the last one crack me man nice :)

Anonymous said...

If you've seen a short interview Dam Vinh Hung on Miss Vietnam Global 2007, he is not only talented but also speaks viet eloquently and naturally (not like Trinh Lam - ugly, speaks unnatural and stuck up).

Karly said...

Oh I probably did see it. I have to admit he has talent. As for Trinh Lam, yeah, I don't like his attitude.

Anonymous said...

not everyone loves Minh Ra^u or any Ho Chi minh. Blogger: you used old pictures and comments on the pics at different situations in different surroundings. nice collection, but bad taste in aren't being so objective..just want to be funny! i k said you hate Duong Trieu Vu! but most of ur blog is of him..

Anonymous said...

TRINH LAM is aweful, big headed and stupidly arrogant. His first taste of "success" got to his thick head.He probably thinks that he is a super star. hahaha Someone needs to help him to realise that he was just a 1 hit wonder poxy singer from Thuy Nga ...

Anonymous said...

PLEASE don't compare Trinh Lam To DVH.. they are in different leagues, clearly DVH is a popular professional wherêas Trinh Lam is ... a semi-amateur. It is like comparing a rusty SKODA to a brand new shining Ferrari.

Random Ratings! said...

I agree with the last poster not to compare DVH with Trinh Lam. The fact is, DVH was nobody (just a hair stylist) until he met Hoai Linh (rumors said that they were couple after Hoai Linh spending all kind of money to make DVH famous???) Well, a lot of singers in Viet Nam started their singing career by rumors/sandals of them being gay? DVH is very good in certain songs where he has to utilize his high notes, but if you notice, that's pretty much all he does, sometimes seem like yelling not singing. I agree that DVH is a down to earth kind of guy!

Trinh Lam, on the other hand, is talented; not only he can write songs but can also deliver them. Before becoming well known, he was a software engineer. He is educated! Now, for the poster that said Trinh Lam is "big headed and stupidly arrogant", I know it's only your opinion but I'll bet Trinh Lam is smarter than you are. Some other posters said Trinh Lam "speaks unnatural and stuck up", I'll bet Trinh Lam is wiser than you are when it come to public speaking!

By the was, great posts Karly :)

Anonymous said...

Cool pics! ur right....everybody DOES luv DVH

where did u get these pics by the way?


Karly said...

The pics are mainly from gooling his name, and stumbling on them by accident.

VietWeekly said...

DVH is kissing ass with ca si hai ngoai. Trying to make up for his wrong accusation about ca si USA. hahahha He is still the most dislikes in the US according to Viet Weekly bao.