Friday, March 14, 2008

Thanh Hà's New Image!

Singer Thanh Hà has a new image that is more sophisticated yet still sexy promoting for her latest CD "Ru Lòng Khờ Dại". Recently singer Thanh Hà has cancelled an online chat with viewers due to the pressure from questions about the alleged fight that happened in the summer of 2007. Audiences seem to have not yet forgot about the incident and so they are always trying to bring up relating questions making it hard for Thanh Hà to answer therefore she was forced to cancel the online meeting. Thanh Hà's CD, "Ru Lòng Khờ Dại" is already out in stores.


1. Bội Ước - Thanh Hà
2. Chiếc Lá Cuối Cùng - Thanh Hà
3. Còn Ta Với Ưu Phiền - Thanh Hà
4. Ru Lòng Khờ Dại - Thanh Hà
5. Ký Ức - Thanh Hà
6. LK Tiếc Nuối - Thanh Hà
7. Tên Em Gửi Gió Bay - Thanh Hà
8. Tìm Ánh Sao Rơi - Thanh Hà
9. Trò Chơi Tình Yêu - Thanh Hà
10. Yêu Trong Lặng Lẽ - Thanh Hà

Credit images to NhacCuaTui.Com


Anonymous said...

it's a shame she's an -itch. lol.

Anonymous said...

She shouldn't go tanning so much. The skin on her forehead is leathery.

Anonymous said...

wish more viet cds looks like this

Anonymous said...

To the above comments, fucking low wage loser, ya dumbasses have no soul.

Anonymous said...

What's a lovely and beautiful LADY. I like the song "Cam on nguoi tình". Thanh Hà, I love U :-)