Thursday, April 24, 2008

DVD: Vân Sơn 39 - Mẹ Và Quê Hương

Released April 24, 2008. Get it in stores now!
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Disc 1
1. Loi Gioi Thieu - Intro
2. Opening - Me Au Co - Don Ho, Diem Lien, Nguyen Khang, Nguyen Hong Nhung va Vu Doan Lac Hong
3. Loi Ve Dat Me - Thanh Tuyen
4. Tinh Yeu Bat Tan - Andy Quach, Linda Chou
5. O Kia Doi Bong Them Vui - Ngo Thanh Van
6. Tan Co- Long me - Kim Tu Long
7. Hoa Lai Mau Xanh - Tinna Tinh
8. Nho Me - Don Ho
9. Me Yeu Dau - Linda Chou
10. Bong Hong Trang - Truong Vu
11. Con Yeu - Diem Lien
12. Nhac Canh- Hanh Trinh Tren Dat Phu Sa - Van Son, Giang Ngoc
13. Ky Niem - Ngoc Ha
14. Ao Xanh - VPOP
15. Ca Dao Me - Nguyen Hong Nhung
16. Trich Doan- Vo Tac Thien - Phi Nhung, Binh Tinh

Disc 2
1. Da Ye Em Roi - Andy Quach
2. Hoa Van No Tren Duong Que Huong - Che Linh
3. Que Me Trong Niem Nho - Nguyen Khang
4. Huyen Tran Cong Chua - Ha Vy
5. Tan Co- Loi Ru Que Me - Bach Tuyet, Quang Thanh
6. Ban Gia - Van Son, Bao Liem
7. Me Hien Yeu Dau - Cat Tien
8. Than Tho Luc Binh - Phi Nhung
9. Lo Ve Xom Nho - Nha Thanh
10. Hai Kich - Welcome To America - Quang Minh, Hong Dao, Van Son
11. Lien Khuc - Me va Que Huong - Che Linh, Truong Vu, Nguyen Khang, Andy Quach, Thanh Tuyen, Nha Thanh, Ngoc Ha, Diem Lien, Phi Nhung, Cat Tien, VPOP
12. Finale - Toan Ban

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Anonymous said...

This show was overall a great show. A must have.

The only person that was a complete screw-up and have ruined the show was Andy Quach. His song CHOICES was utterly horrific. "Tinh Yeu Bat Tan" & "Da Yeu Em Roi" has nothing to do with Me or Que Huong. If he's trying to promote songs that he wrote, do it some other time, he's not the main star of Van Son Entertainment, so don't start thinking he's all that.

There should be no excuses of why BOTH of his performance was ridiculously out of topic. VPOP's "Ao Xanh" perfectly fits in with the theme of the show, even Cat Tien found a song for herself that ties in with the theme. Hence, even Tinna Tinh and Ngo Thanh Van's song choice has a sense of Que Huong in it. All those singers mention above is in the same generation that Andy Quach is in and they manage to make good choices.

Overall, the show was awsome. Che Linh's performance was electrifying. The band looks all happy playing for him and everyone just seems so friendly together.

The ending was perfect, the last "Hai Kich" with Quanh Minh, Hong Dao, and Van Son was just perfect. The idea of it and the fact that it's right before the final Lien Khuc - Me va Que Huong to end the show gave this show a perfect ending.