Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Ý Lan's Sweet Dreams Foundation

Veteran singer Ý Lan has a foundation title “Sweet Dreams” to promote women’s health issue among the Vietnamese America community toward breast cancer. The foundation wants to create awareness and educate people about the issue as well, so that people can seek early help. Ý Lan, herself also had the same battle with breast cancer. “Sweet Dreams” will actually come to the person's house and take care of them. They will do many things such as cooking for the person battling cancer who lives alone and with no family or friends to support them. Below are some pictures from the charity event last month in San Jose, with many famous faces that showed up to support. Visit the foundation’s website for more info. Singer Hà Phương also created Hà Phương's Foundation with her husband where the two donated 1 million dollars.

For more pictures, click here and here

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