Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Tinh Music Production Website

Tinh Music Entertainment

Tinh Music production has always been the underdog out of the other three productions (Thuy Nga, Asia & Van Son). However, they lasted pretty long and still continue to grow. Tinh Music gathered some famous singers as well as new upcoming singers. They were once the first start for many of today's top singers such as Minh Tuyet, who started out with the production company. This year, Tinh Music is finally launching its offical website providing for fans of the production and audiences something basic info, contact info, singers list, as well as updates on their products. Check it out! CLICK HERE


Nhu-Y said...

i love tinh production! their lien khucs are usually pretty good and the music videos are nice too! i'm glad they have their own site now, easier to keep up with them.

Anonymous said...

Just for clairification, "Tinh Music Production" to my knowledge, is still without an official website. "TinhEntertainment.com" is a fan website for product releases and social interaction.


Anonymous said...

Hello, this is Brian. Thanks for advertising for the site. And it's true, the site is not yet official.

M said...

Co ai biet bai hat cua Nhu Quynh hat trong dia video cua Tinh Music khong vay? "... kho'c cho ti`nh yeu cuoi ... di vao vong tay khac ..."

Anonymous said...

tinh production is never gonna get big. There are two type of demographic who watches these "vietnamese" production. The old folks (say 30+) and some viet kids who were borned in VN.

Tinh Production is gearing toward the "hip" style, with bunches of remix, english, faster beating songs, with relatively smaller group of singers.

They are targeting the wrong demographic, old people would surely not watch this. The kids who were borned in VN will surely not watch this (because they're 70/30 or 60/40 in terms of Vietnamese/American), while this type of production is more in the realm of 40/60 vietnamese/american.

We end up with the kids who "wants to be black", and let's face it, those kids don't have time to be watching these type of videos.

TN and Asia target their demographic well, with TN leading the pack because they pretty much target all the possible audience that watches these types of video.

Anonymous said...

and there's nothing wrong with copying TN, it WORKS, copy it, and throw your own ideas in there... don't steer in a new direction, it doesn't work and these things won't last, catch it while you can, the generations after will not watch these videos as they're too americanized.

Anonymous said...

im sadly reporting that Tinh Productions has been shutting down for long time due to scaming other productions for unpaid loans, has gambling addictions, etc. Please be aware of their next target!