Monday, April 21, 2008

Video: Kimigasuki

"Kimigasuki" is one of those really popular songs that Viet singers like to do a rendition of. From Lynda Trang Đài, Ngọc Lan, and most recently Trish Thùy Trang. Which version does you like best?


Ngọc Lan



Anonymous said...

1. ngoc lan 2. lynda
trish has no rhythm. how old is she anyway?

Anonymous said...

Ngoc Lan is a classic. Lynda is not a bad singer. Trish is so so singer but I actually like Trish's version better. But she does need some life and emotion in her singing. Ironic that the less talented Trish pulled it off.

Karly said...

the problems i have with trish is that when she performs, like in this video, she is very stiff. she shows no emotion or is engaging, thus she does not fully portray the song well. secondly, her voice is too consistent, she sounds the same in very songs. there's no up and down, or changing in her tone. my favorite performance of trish is probably "ice queen" because i think it fits her.. the cold look, emotionless and all so she sounded great and peformed well.

Cinthia said...

"the cold look and emotionless" LOL, that's too funny. Yeah, I agree. Trish is a doll but she doesn't her performance doesn't entertain me. She has been in the industry for too long but yet I don't see any difference in her performance, style, and technique. That's too bad though =(

Anonymous said...

Ngoc Lan sounds the best. Trish cannot sing... her vocal is very weak. I never like LTD.