Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Phạm Duy’s Music Night

Musician Phạm Duy, who was criticized for his controversial activities involving some very young girls at the beach in to Vietnam, held a live show last week, May 9, 2008 in Vietnam. Phạm Duy expressed his love and joy in the past with a picture he took holding his Vietnamese citizenship ID that caused quite a controversy. Phạm Duy’s music night is a second show held in Vietnam, which featured a good sample of his music from famous love songs. The live show took place at Hòa Bình Theater in HCM City with performances from his son and daughter in law, Duy Quang and Yến Xuân, veteran singers Lệ Thu and Tuấn Ngọc, and many local singers, Quang Linh, Mỹ Linh, Thanh Lam, Năm Dòng Kẻ, etc. See pictures below.


Nhu-Y said...

this took place in vn? they got some nice costumes.

Karly said...

yeah in vn, the one thing u can tell from is the excess smoke effect hahaa

Anonymous said...

thanks for the news!

Anyone whom would like to read more about Pham Duy's musical career can benefited from this link (memoirs, song lyrics, etc):


Thanks again and have a wonderful day.