Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Where Are They Now? Heart2Exist

The hip hop group Heart2Exists first appeared on Asia Entertainment video with the hit song 25 Years (Who I Am) Tôi Là Ai , followed by Chỉ Là Người Hát Nhạc Rap. The group consists of brothers Lê Huy Phong, Lê Huy Phát, Ngọc Diễm, & Pauline Trúc. They like to express themselves through music, speaking on issues of race, class, gender, & ethnicity. Heart2Exist released their debut album “Who I Am” through Asia Entertainment in 2002.

According to info on their official website, the last updated news is from 2006. They are not a one hit wonder, announced Tanya from Asiance Magazine in an interview with H2E, and so I hope they will continue to produce music even though many of the members see themselves in 5 years, settling down with a family or picking other careers. Another dream of the group, especially for Lê Huy Phong is making a difference with the music, and seeing freedom in Vietnam.

Their music continues to inspired many people who relates. Heart2Exist, although we see disappeared on main production videos continues to express themselves through music. They continue to do live performances, product CDs under their own label, H2E Productions. For more info on Heart2Exist, you can visit their official website and also their myspace, here.

For downloads, click here.

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