Wednesday, June 18, 2008

CD Giọt Buồn Không Tên - Y Phụng

I like Y Phụng when she was in Vietnam. I saw many of her movies, and comedy acts. As a singer I thought she was ok. But in Asia, they arrange for her to singer much older types of music, and so it is a bit of a turn off for me. She's pretty. The CD cover looks great. Asia really makes Thúy Nga appears as amateur. Thúy Nga's CD covers are getting worse, and it looks like they don't even put much effort into it. Rather, they just want to make money as quickly by releasing one CD after another. Sighs...

1. Giọt Buồn Không Tên
2. Phút Cuối (Ft. Kim Tiểu Long)
3. Một Người Đi
4. Bài Ca Kỷ Niệm (Ft. Đặng Thế Luân)
5. Cô Gái Bán Sầu Riêng (Ft. Minh Phụng)
6. Đò Tình Lở Chuyến
7. Phố Đêm
8. Nhịp Cầu Tri Âm (Ft. Đan Nguyên)
9. Yêu Một Mình
10. Cho Tôi Được Một Lần (Ft. Lâm Nhật Tiến)
11. Huyền Thoại Một Chiều Mưa
12. Đò Dọc (Ft. Kim Tiểu Long)


Anonymous said...

I love Y Phung. She's so beautiful and talented!

Anonymous said...

I know Y Phung when she was ten. Her father Minh Phung tried to help her singing career since she was little. Finally he succeeded (or she succeeded). She has the look but no the voice, sorry I'm not try to be mean.