Thursday, June 05, 2008

Celebrity Soccer Team

Southern California's celebrity soccer team gathered together some of the biggest Vietnamese singers including a big soccer fan, Bằng Kiều, who named his eldest son Beckham Bằng Phương after the famous David Beckham. Other singers include Thái Châu, Huy MC, Mạnh Quỳnh, Tiễn Dũng, etc. Family, friends, and colleagues (Rebecca Quỳnh Giao in one of the pictures), gathered to show their support as well as enjoy the game. Check out some of the photos below.


Nhu-Y said...

hahahaha, that's so cool.

Anonymous said...

Did someone send you these pictures? Because I know that the pictures were taken in SJ.

Karly said...

no one send them to me. i found it on bang kieu's myspace.