Saturday, June 07, 2008

iMusik Presents New DVD MTV

Coming this summer by iMusik Productions, featuring Van Quynh, Huynh Gia Tuan, Angelina Tram Anh, Lam Vinh Khang, Anh Tuan, and Quoc Thai. It is cool I guess to see new MTV stuff. I hope it is good. However by the trailer, looks like some ad for a scary movie at the beginning and later on, war and video game.

iMusik Trailer 2 Final from iMusik Productions on Vimeo.

iMusik DVD Trailer 1 from iMusik Productions on Vimeo.


Anonymous said...

First one was cheesy. The second one is better.

Anonymous said...

Eh, doesn't look that interesting.

Anonymous said...

Tinh Music Productions / a lot of the tapes were good. Whatever happen to them?

Karly said...

Do you mean Tinh Music Production gone bad after a few tapes or not show up anymore. Well they are still producing and even have their own website now. as far as quality goes, that's depending on who's watching.

Anonymous said...

This is IMusik productions.. not Tinh Productions ..gessh..lolz
Per my opinion, this video was better than many other vietnamese music videos take Tinh & JD productions as an example. They are no longer being creative on their project. They are just simply grab the whole bunch of singers and repeatedly all those irrelevant songs. Moreover, their product was sold with a rip off pricing lolz... I don't understand why these productions keep calling people to support them by not to buy a copy product...while the fact is no one really want to watch their product even if it's the real one hahaha