Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Tình Còn Vương Vấn CD

I gotta comment on the CD cover. Quỳnh Vi looks great, while Trịnh Lam is a shadow to her greatness. The blending of two is just not good. Quỳnh Vi owns the cover, it belongs solely to her. Also I don't like the font on the left side. Whoever designed this cover... hopefully is not the same person who did Trinh Lam's CD as well, which was horrible.

1. Ân Tình Mong Manh - Trịnh Lam, Quỳnh Vi
2. Mùa Hè Ái Ân - Quỳnh Vi
3. Cõi Mộng - Trịnh Lam
4. Vắng Anh Mùa Đông - Quỳnh Vi
5. Nuối Tiếc - Quỳnh Vi, Trịnh Lam
6. Mưa Buồn - Trịnh Lam
7. Hận Tình Trong Mưa - Quỳnh Vi
8. Nửa Vầng Trăng - Quỳnh Vi, Trịnh Lam
9. Đơn Côi - Trịnh Lam
10. Em Đã Từng Yêu - Quỳnh Vi
11. Tình Còn Vương Vấn - Quỳnh Vi, Trịnh Lam


Anonymous said...

You're right. It looks terrible. He looks like an extra.

Anonymous said...

I saw Trinh Lam in real life. He looks very cute. Especially his smile :).

Quynh Vi? I have nothing to say about her. Nice nose job by the way.