Monday, July 14, 2008

Blast From the Past!

Blast from the blast is a new photo section bringing back old memories from old pictures of Vietnamese celebrities. It is similar to Celebrities in Their Younger Years, but it features not the baby pictures, but just photos a few years back, most likely the 90s, or older.

1. Lương Tùng Quang, Tâm Đoan, Minh Trí, Việt Thi, Khánh Hoàng and ???

2. Như Quỳnh

3. Khánh Hà

4. Lê Tâm & Trish

5. Minh Tuyết

6. Bằng Kiều

7. Mạnh Đình

8. Tú Quyên

9. Y Phụng

10. Nguyễn Ngọc Ngạn


Anonymous said...

Awww so cute!

Anonymous said...

i love LTQ AND TAM DOAN so cute!