Monday, July 07, 2008

Phi Nhung Signed with Rạng Đông

Singer Phi Nhung was very welcomed by many fans, when she visited Vietnam early on this year. I guess the fans really done it, or could it be the trend of U.S. singers going "home" to further their singing careers. Rạng Đông, a production company in Vietnam had officially signed on Phi Nhung for the long term. She will be devoting the rest of the time to audiences in Vietnam. Most U.S. singers visit Vietnam after they lost their popularity overseas, however singer Phi Nhung is still very popular with the audiences. Lately, we see less and less of Phi Nhung on production shows in the U.S. I guess she has new plans, and a new future that awaits her in Vietnam.


Nhu-Y said...

she looks awesome!

Inside Information said...

Hey hun... she's been with Rang Dong for yearrrs now!