Saturday, July 12, 2008

Phương Thanh Will Retire At 40

VN singer Phương Thanh AKA Chanh got her start and popularity along side familiar faces such as Lam Trường and Thu Phương. Despite still having the full support from fans, the singer plans to retire at age 40. Phương Thanh has quite a year with her public lawsuit battle with a blogger, and news claim that she was involved with the mafia. Phương Thanh does things her way, with many years of experience; she seems to be having things plan out for her in the near future. First off, she plans to have a second baby, and then retired at 40. She also plans to help look for new, young and talented people, and spend the time developing them, get them started. Looking back to something the singer said when she had her daughter, whom she decided to not reveal the father’s identity, not until she stops singing, or when audiences no longer support her. So will she speak of her baby’s identity when she retired at 40? They say it is good to step down while you’re on top, rather than becoming of those people who keep hanging around.

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