Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Poll: What you think of PBN 93?

Give your thoughts of Paris By Night 93: Celebrity Dancing. Did you like it? I saw it with my family on DVD. It was good, something different. It was also quite funny. I was shock to see Hương Thủy danced, however, she did well for not ever dancing. Trần Thái Hòa and Quang Lê I thought were not as good, yet got some high marks. Quỳnh Vi also deserves higher mark. Her dance was a bit um disconnected with her partner, not as smooth or too great, but she deserved more credit for the hard work, and it was a difficult dance to do. Also I give credit to Hương Lan for trying to dance, and actually going through with it. However, it was not attractive looking, a bit odd to watch, esp. with the long dress she wore. As for the results to the show, I was satisfied. Anyway, let me know your take on the show.

What you think of PBN 93?
It was an awesome show!
Something different, I enjoyed it.
Good watch
Not bad
So So, not too great.
Didn't get to see it.
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Anonymous said...

LOL it was great. Lots of fun.

Anonymous said...

minh tuyet was the best. love her!