Wednesday, October 01, 2008

The Kristine Sa Show

If you have not been following, singer Kristine Sa is currently hosting a show this fall 2008 call The Kristine Sa Show on VAN-TV & VHN-TV. Previously, Kristine Sa had interviewed singer Cat Tien, Anh Oi, and singer Henry Chuc. You can view the episodes on Youtube, here. Subcribing is required to view the videos.

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vivian said...

Advice for Kristine: you are on a Vietnamese channel, there are WAY more Vietnamese speaking people who are watching than the English speaking- SPEAK VIETNAMESE!

Don't introduce your guests in your broken Vietnamese and then go through the entire interview in English.

Don't invite wannabe porn starts like that Kitty Kat girl on the show. My mom and dad had nightmares.