Saturday, March 27, 2010

Andy Quach Talks About New Album AQ3

Andy Quach and Thaifoon talk about Andy's new album released by Thuy Nga Production, but not Van Son Entertainment? The singer shared the release date for his new album on May 5, 2010. Also they are upcoming dates for the CD release parties below. If you can't wait for the release date you can pre-order the CD by contacting

CD release parties & tour dates:
3/27 @ Club Sao in Arlington, TX
3/28 in Vegas
4/3 in Calgary, Canada
4/17 CD release in Sacramento w/ Cat Tien & Thai Foon
4/19 @ Muckleshoot in Seattle
4/24 in Montreal
5/1 in Atlanta
5/8 CD release night in Boston with Cat Tien, Thai Foon & Gia Linh

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