Friday, October 23, 2009

[Movie] Chuyện Tình Xa Xứ - Passport to Love

Director:Victor Vu
Writers: Victor Vu, Nguyen Hoang Nam

"A romantic comedy set in modern day Saigon, Vietnam and Orange Country, USA. Khang is a charming and handsome playboy; Hieu is his earnest and hardworking "Bill Gates" wannabe sidekick. "The Boys" are sent to study abroad in the US and to bring home a coveted American University Degree. Once in America, Khang's life spirals into chaos; he falls for a young, single mother who happens to be the police officer who books him. While Hieu finds himself trapped between the tempting, Viet Kieu pageant girl Jennifer and his almost too perfect fiancé, Thao, back home. When Hieu's mother falls ill, he must return to Vietnam. A distraught Jennifer follows in secrecy. While Khang stays back in America, but is confronted by his father who is utterly disappointed with his son, just when Khang and Tiffany's world is turning over a new leaf. Having grown some, Khang seeks permission from his father to marry his betrothed while Hieu's indecision may just leave him abandoned by loves both former and present." Written by Binh Le

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Karly said...

This movie was ok. It wasn't great and like usual the dialogue is kinda unnatural and stiff. Acting was bad ... but the storyline was good, something different I guess.