Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Adam Jona's Success in Vietnam

You might remember Adam Jona, professional ballroom dancer from Budapest, Hungary. He was in Paris By Night 93 & 97 Celebrity Dancing where he danced with Phi Khanh, Khanh Ha, and Luu Bich. Every since his involvement with Thuy Nga, he has been gathering up a good amount of Vietnamese fans and interest from the Vietnamese community in Vietnam, reaching celebrity status. Adam has been working in Vietnam through various projects. He's "looking forward to enriching his already impressive career by focusing his talents within the film industry."

Adam with Vân Trang

The Vietnamese community overseas is still small thus the opportunity for work especially in film is relatively rare. A lot of Vietnamese entertainers had return to Vietnam for the wide market and working opportunity to further their career. Duong Trieu Vu comes to mind how he's still working with Thuy Nga and also doing concerts and other projects in Vietnam. Most recently, we have singer Luu Bich who had a tour in Vietnam.
Back to Adam, he’s charming, has good looks, and can dance. These qualities can further his career in Vietnam for awhile. I can see him as the face of many product advertisements. He can open up his own studio and start enrolling people. He can be in film like he wishes. There are lots and lots of things going on for him right now. All thanks to the trend in ballroom dancing that has been hitting America, Vietnam, and many other countries. You can find Adam on Facebook as well. Check out some of the recent pictures of him with actress Vân Trang.


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