Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Huyen Ny: Switching from Emcee to Singer

MC Huyen Ny started out as a young and fresh new face in Vietnamese entertainment overseas. She began her work with Tinh Music Production in 2006 and later co directed one of their videos. Since then, she began various hosting jobs. She hosted JCPenney Makeover Show and Golden Mic Competition with Saigon TV. Then she participated in Candle for Love Concert. Huyen Ny is quite a talented and educated person with a passion for art. Besides her job as an emcee, she's also a pharmacist. According to Huyen Ny, she loves both jobs and wants to follow her dreams. Recently, she's migrated into a singing career. Although I wish her the best and success, I like the saying “ông trời không cho ai tất cả”. Basically, you can't have all. You're lucky to be good at one. So with that said, check out the video of MC Huyen Ny below and you be the judge. Should she pursuit a career in singing, stay with her job as an emcee or stick to emceeing as main like MC Nguyen Cao Ky Duyen and sometimes jump in to sing or dance for fun?

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