Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Jennifer Pham Refuses to Talk About Quang Dung

In a new interview with beauty queen Jennifer Phạm, she talks about her busy life from making movies to participating in various shows as an emcee. She's happy to have various job opportunities. Jennifer discusses about her preference as an entertainer. She doesn't like to create unnecessary scandals. However, whenever there is something new or good she likes to share it with audiences and her fans. This is kind of contrary to showbiz because in showbiz it is about the scandals and the more buzz an entertainer has the better because it shows their popularity. So while many entertainers in Vietnam are trying to create "news" for themselves, Jennifer Phạm is rather quiet about her whereabouts especially when it comes to singer Quang Dũng.

The interview always geared toward her relationship with Quang Dũng. She's doing various projects in Vietnam and raising their son, he's overseas singing. When asks about her busy life and as a single mom, how does she have time for her son, Bao Nam. Jennifer replies that besides work time, every other minute is spent on her son as he's top propriety and the meaning to her life. Jennifer denies the rumor of a romantic relationship with director Venus Vũ Khắc Tiệp (below). She also refuses to talk about Quang Dũng. Instead she speaks about her future work which she is unsure of. Lastly, she says that it doesn't matter what you do, you have to complete it with 100% of your effort.

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