Thursday, April 07, 2011

Battle of the Brides - Cô Dâu Đại Chiến

Cast: Huy Khanh, Ngoc Diep, Ngan Khanh, Khanh Le, Van Trang, Phi Thanh Van, and etc
Director: Victor Vu
Released: January 28, 2011 in Vietnam
Synopsis: Thai (Huy Khanh) was searching for the perfect wife going through many relationships, until he met Linh (Ngoc Diep). On their wedding day, his ex girlfriends returned to battle for what was supposedly theirs.

My Comment: "Đạo Phim." Seriously. Also, sorry I couldn't find a better synopsis already written so I wrote my own and I suck. But I'm sure you get the storyline by watching the trailer).


Anonymous said...

The movie is really fun to watch, but I spent most of the movie thinking "who did Victor Vu copy this time"

Anonymous said...

This movie is very fun to watch, but I couldn't help but think "I wonder which movie Victor Vu copied"

Karly said...

@ misterjcampbell hahaha yeah thats the downside to these movies. they really lose the originality.

Anonymous said...

Battle of the Brides is mix of scenes from Stephen Chow movies and Hollywood Korean Chinese comedies, Victor Vu was caught red handed copying Wolfgang Petersen's Shattered by the frame for Inferno so this time he copied from many sources. He always copy just changes method, but always boasting in VN he's a big Hollywood director, that never change.