Thursday, April 14, 2011

The Evolution of Thanh Ha

Singer Thanh Ha has a new image with the help of her current boyfriend Roland who helped her remix old Vietnamese classics into a new beat and feeling. As a result is a CD titled "The Evolution of Thanh Ha" premiering April 16, 2011 in Arlington, Texas. On the CD, Thanh Ha did a cover of  "Nobody" by Wonder Girls. Check out the advertisement poster, pictures, and videos relating to this project. (On a side note, is it me or Thanh Ha's booty on the poster looks too enhanced?)

Below is  a video of Thanh Ha and Roland duetted a song. This happened before they were together. Roland (who's not Vietnamese) requested to have a duet with Thanh Ha and she said he has to sing a Vietnamese song or they can't duet. Therefore Roland practiced a Vietnamese song and Thanh Ha was shocked when she heard him sing. If you want to know more about Thanh Ha's relationship with Roland, you can search up their interview videos with Kristine Sa on Heart to Heart.

Thanh Ha talks about the song "Anh Thi Khong"

"Tinh Voi" music video

The making of "Khi Em Da Yeu"

Album Preview

Behind the scenes of "The Evolution of Thanh Ha"

"60 Nam Cuoi Doi"

"Anh Thi Khong"

I'm not sure how I feel about the "remix" of all of these songs. I guess in a way it is nice to bring a fresher feel to some of the classics. At the same time when I listened to the songs produced I don't have any feelings of excitement or amazed by it. I guess I'm not touched. I kind of prefer the original in this case. Vietnamese music, the old school ones have "soul" to them and they touch you in a special way. The remix took away that feeling for me.


Anonymous said...

LOL, yes, that is DEFINITELY an enhanced booty. Bulge effect in photoshop anyone? xD

Hrm...these remixes aren't...very good in my opinion? They sound kind of contrived and, well, lame in my opinion.

P.S. She kind of looks like an Asian J-Lo/Madonna. xD

Anonymous said...

chi Thanh Ha, you are rock! I hate to compare people but I have to say this you are very pretty, very Thanh Ha but some how you kind of look like JLo:-)