Saturday, April 30, 2011

Golden Asia - 'Anh Bang, Dong Nhac Luu Vong' Review

I wasn't expecting much from the new Asia DVD. While watching I was unease because of the strong anti-communist and anti-China attitude and mood. I cannot say for all of Anh Bang's music, but the ones used in this particular DVD were depressing. His music is quite "political" inspired. I feel bad for Asia's singers having to sing these songs. The theme alone is not for every singer yet alone getting into into the mood of it. Also singers who participated in this Asia video as well as other anti-communist videos from Asia might experience difficulty going to Vietnam. For all I know, they might be rejected and or arrested at the scene. Asia's Entertainment to me is like a cult in the way they make their videos and use music as propaganda. Golden Asia DVD didn't have a live audience but rather a selected few of maybe 100 people or less from family members, friends, sponsors, and etc. The stage was small and had one background design that changed colors accordingly. Mostly annoying was the infamous "flashing lights" that made me feel like I'm either at a rock concert of in the middle of a war scene. Also is it the lightening or is Asia's singers are really tan looking? Overall this DVD didn't surprise me much, but I'm getting tired of the direction in which Asia Entertainment is heading. The Asia from my childhood was fun, entertaining, light heart, and full of youth. The new Asia is dark, full of hate and a stage for propaganda- personal interests rather than entertainment at all. However, if this whole theme works for them in term of sales then go for it since entertainment goes side to side with business.

What I Like:
One of my favorite performances was "Chap Nhan" by Diem Lien. I like the rock-ish feel. I like the used of wind on Diem Lien's hair, which made her look good. The outfit looks nice and simple. But one thing though, she really needed to open her eyes more when she sings. My sister looked away at this part because the flashing light was hurting her eyes and head. LOL.

I like Lam Nhat Tien's performance with "Ba Ca Cua Dem." I had a crush on him when I was little and growing up watching Asia, my favorite production at the time. Lam Nhat Tien's voice is just amazing and he has the looks as well. I could feel and see the story on his face, he was very into it and the soul of the song was fully there.

For some reasons, I like it when Dan Nguyen sings. There is something to his voice that's classic. He brings me back in time to a very old time in Vietnam. And the way he looks very (phong trần), forgive me for not knowing what English word to use. Maybe wind and dust looking, down to earth, street like, um... ?

Tam Doan, "Ve Tham Chon Xua." She did a great job. She's definitely one of my favorite singers that have quality both on stage and off stage. She delivers all songs to its fullest. Yeah, Tam Doan is awesome. I like her way back when she started out on Van Son.

Lastly, I like Lam Thuy Van's performance. Her voice is no doubt top notch and the feeling she makes you feel along with her and the song is just amazing. Even when she started out in Asia at a young age she was good and now she's classic as time goes by.

What I Dislike:
I don't like the opening and ending performances, simply because they were scary to watch. The singers' faces were so serious and angry and some were just blank. The opening was worse because it caught me off guard with the flashing lights, singers in white and choir like setting. "Trường Sa là máu của ta, Hoàng Sa là thịt của ta..." Sighs...

Y Phung, "Sau Le Bong." What was she wearing? And who designed it? Did the circus come to Asia?

Le Anh Quan, "Mua Chieu" was terrible. You know people sing using falsetto? Well, I don't know what other voice was he using... but it was bad.

Tuong Nguyen and Tuong Khue should of sang together as usual so I could hit two birds with one stone when I fast forward. Although he's Nhu Quynh's singer, he didn't in heritage much of talent in singing. Tuong Nguyen is a tad better but his appearance makes it hard to watch. And Asia needs to stop making them look cool with the glasses and geeky fashion.

Doan Phi and Thuy Huong's performance was cute in some way, but Doan Phi looked weird. They didn't match. Instead of being a cute couple it was a brother and sister performance for me. Thuy Huong looks pretty though.

I like MC Thuy Duong, but only as an emcee. It was fun the first time she sang with Tuan Vu. My sister said she sounded somewhat like Nhu Quynh, but nowadays it is getting lame and you can tell she struggles when she sings especially when the high notes... it was hard to watch; she didn't seem natural.

Ho Hoang Yen also known as Asia's 'sexy' singer too hot for war music when she first appeared with a see-through dress. Maybe the style got her notice but like Minh Tuyet who stopped showing her belly, she needs to stop exposing her 'melons' and letting them sag. People need to hear her sing and not get distracted by her 'melons'.

"Dung Nhu Cong Chua" by Manh Dinh and My Huyen has to be the worse song ever. I have nothing against the singers, but with the song and its lyrics. It's blah...

Lasty, I have to say that the two people in Asia that I don't even bother with is Ngoc Huyen and Bang Tam. It has a lot of to do with how they look, the songs they sing and their overall vibe for me when I see them. Ngoc Huyen is like macho and Bang Tam .... Did she get her makeover from Thailand?  Both are scary to me. Sorry dudes.


Anonymous said...

I only watched the first part, don't think I will finish it unless I watch it with my parents. I can bare with the whole political thing unless they randomly inject it into a show like Xuan or Bon Mua. Of the performances I watched so far, I like Diem Lien, Anh Minh and Nguyen Khang. And idk I find Thuy Duong singing cute, just don't sing on every Asia show I guess. Can't stand LAQ, BT and NH either but Bang Tam is quite stunning in person. Bang Tam and Huong Thuy are the two singers that look unusually cuter than they do on dvd.

Anonymous said...

I used to love watching Asia. Back in the day it was about the music. Nowadays, each Asia DVD theme has an underlying political tone, and since then Asian has lost it's charm. I can't watch it without wondering whether i'm looking at a music show or an Anti-Communism propaganda.

Anonymous said...

I hope that you donn't present the young generation of Vietnamese. It is scary and frustrated if future Vietnam is relied on people just like fun and forget about the coutry and patriotism

Anonymous said...

I do think about Vietnam and am very patriotic to it, however, I think Asia is going about this the wrong way. Lately there are way to many political themes. I understand it has a deep impact but now its a little but much.

Does anyone remember Blue Ocean Music where there was a big protest in regards to Tommy Ngo's Love belt? the protestors thought his belt was the shape of the Viet communist flag but really it was just the words LOVE with a white star in the middle.

My point is some people just take things too far.

I love ASIA productions, I love Vietnam but we need to tone down on the politics.

andyvn579 said...
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Anonymous said...

Lol such a hater....Moi nguoi co cai hay rieng cua ho. You guys think those bosses of Aisa have the worse ears than you guys? that's why they pick those singers that u guys say shit about?

Anonymous said...

There's nothing wrong with the singers, but ASIA productions is scarily becoming a musical propoganda, Yikes!

Anonymous said...

It's a shame that people deemed Asia productions as political propaganda. Instead, I view them as a source of education about the true faces of Communists for our future generations who did not witness the war and know the true side of Communists like our parents. I really appreciate the effort and thoughts that Asia had put into their productions. Without them, our young generations would be blind and deaf to the pure evilness that Communist had put our mother country, Vietnam, through. Asia productions help keep our traditional Vietnamese culture alive, and honor those that have given their life to try to save our country from pure evilness. Those of you who don't appreciate Asia's anti-Communist tones must have never been to Vietnam to witness the poverty and shambles that our country is in under Communist rule, or you guys are just ignoring the sad truth.

Anonymous said...

Du me, Asia co toi ngay ra Anh Bang nay Anh Bang no; het de tai hay sao ma toi ngay Anh Bang. Lan toi, Asia nen lam mot DVD goi la 'Anh Bang - Nhac Phim Heo' chac con hay hon nhung cai Anh Bang dit me nay!!

Anonymous said...

Cái thằng chửi thề tùm lum này chắc mới đội mả Ba Đình lên đây!

Anonymous said...

phong tran ... could that mean having weathered through life's many experiences and came out more hardened and mature