Friday, April 08, 2011

Johnny Tri Nguyen's Talent With Children

According to a recent article, actor Johnny Tri Nguyen has another talent and that is with children. The actor has been in Hanoi with casting for his new film project yet he finds the time to do charity work. On April 6, 2011 Johnny and other artists visited orphans at a Temple in Hanoi to give out presents. What about his own children? What time had he made for them?

I rather see Johnny Tri Nguyen in the news with his children at a park somewhere. Even though it's all stage like this charity event, at least it shows he tries to look like he's a good father. However, it seems all of his time is with his film projects, charity events, and other shows. A father figure is very important in a child's normal development. Cathy Viet Thi can be a great mother but there will still be something missing, especially when the children see and hear about their father in the news or worse from the mouth of others.

When I was putting together this article, I used Google Translation to help me translate the title of the article, because I was being lazy. I put in "Trí Nguyễn có khiếu bắt thân với trẻ con" and it gave me "Tri Nguyen catch yourself with talented children." When I blog, I struggling with a decent title and a title that speaks how I feel. I could put "Johnny Tri Nguyen Talented With Other Children but Not His Own," something like that. However, I trust my readers to make the call for themselves and be the judge of what they read. Not everything has to be lay out, people can read between the lines and beyond.

If you want to view more pictures from Johnny Tri Nguyen's charity trip in Hanoi, click here for the original article.

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