Friday, April 29, 2011

Lam Truong Talks about his Divorce

Singer Lam Truong opened up in a recent interview about his divorce to Y An in October of last year where everything was finalized on court paper. The singer did not provide details on the reasons for the divorce, but was speaking in general about the matter. He explained that there were many reasons for the split like time, work, and not understanding one another. "When two people decide to call it quits, you cannot say who is to blame, right or wrong, good or bad cannot be assessed within one or two days. Whatever decision you make, you have to take responsibility and have no regrets." The singer was very careful in not putting any blame on Y An or himself, and keeping their decisions private.

Lam Truong explained that he and Y An can still talk with one another even though they are no longer living together. "No matter what happens, I will never consider the other person as a stranger or enemy. That is the least a man can do." Although the singer was divorced last year, but he did not speak to media sources about the matter, neither denied nor confirmed until now. He was asked if facing with the media's opinion made him not want to speak out. Lam Truong answered that he is no criminal and did nothing bad therefore he is not afraid. "Talking during that time would only make matters worse," he said. Therefore he wanted to wait until everything was settled.

The issues between Lam Truong and Y An is resolved, but there is still one thing left that is their son Kien Van. "We have to make up so that Kien Van will not be at a lost just because his parents are divorced." The singer was then asked if the fall out of his recent marriage made him afraid to receive another love. Lam Truong replied that he is not that damage that he's afraid to love again. "Love is feeling, is the breath, and cannot be without. I will let everything come naturally. However, once broken, I am prompted to be more careful." Lastly, he was asked if there is any woman in his life right now. Lam Truong responded, "I think some other time I will talk about this. This story is too new for the audience. Besides, the story is by no means sure." (Does that mean there is someone?)



Anonymous said...

Didn't he cheated on his wife?

Anonymous said...

multiple times

Anonymous said...

He hung out with a girl in WA this summer