Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Manh Quynh's Album in VN

Singer Manh Quynh is making an album in Vietnam as a gift to the people in Vietnam showing his gratitude. Every time he's back in Vietnam he doesn't have much time to meet and interact with the audiences because he's always trying to hurry back to U.S. to take care of his family. To the singer, family is the most important more so than his career. The album will consist of songs, which he wrote based on his own poetry. Ever since Manh Quynh started his career as a singer he has been singing old songs over and over, which he soon he got tired of. Therefore he started to make his own music. So far the singer has compiled about 20 songs. The album is titled Tinh Ngheo, which speaks to the singer's inspiration. Manh Quynh was forced to be away from his parents since they were divorced when he was three. The singer left to live with his grandmother in the countryside where he witnessed extreme hardship and poverty. He wants to be able to do something for his people. Also in this year, he and singer Phi Nhung plan to organize live shows in Vietnam. They are putting forth all of their energy and effort into this project.

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henry said...

manh quynh! how come you and your wife just got marry and its not even 3 years that you two are divoice? are you anh phi nhung really going at it? and if not, Is phi nhung single right now. I have admire phi nhung eversince I saw you too sing on paris by night. sincearly; henry nguyen