Monday, April 11, 2011

Minh Tuyet's Interview With Vinashowbiz

I like the idea of putting a clip of the singer the beginning of the video, however I noticed that a lot of interviewing shows do it too long maybe... Especially this video has photos and such. I just feel like it should focus on the singer more and with good photos, but not random. Lastly, Hieu Trung needs to practice or more experience? Not a good interviewer.


Martina Tran said...

I love Minh Tuyet voice,so wonderful also fantastic...I really love her so much,....Minh Tuyet's number one my singer i love.

Martina Tran said...

So happy and wait for dvd karaoke MTV of Minh Tuyet and Bang Kieu singing.I love it and also wait to buy new cd that Minh Tuyet's singing with 10 males of Thuy Nga Paris by night.i think it so fantastic,I really wishes it out soon...I'm always buy a original ones.I love you Minh Tuyet.

Anonymous said...

I love her voice and I totally agree with you that the interviewer is so bad!