Friday, April 22, 2011

Thien Kim Responded to "Stolen" Pictures

Cac ban co khi nao bi mot nguoi nao "chom" hinh cua cac ban tu facebook de len mot website khac de noi xau cac ban khong? Thien Kim da bi vay 2 lan roi. That su, neu Kim de y toi chuyen xau dep thi da khong post hinh len, va neu co ai post hoac tag hinh thi Kim cung co the remove duoc ma. Nhung Kim chi thay la la sao co nguoi qua "quon"(ranh) neu khong thich thi vao facebook cua Kim lam gi. Vi that su Kim created facebook tre hon rat nhieu cac ban ca si khac va khong ngoai ly do la Kim muon ket ban voi nhung nguoi de thuong nhu cac ban. What shoud I do with this person? hehehe. NO big deal vi nhung tam hinh bi chom toan la hinh Kim thich, nhung Kim muon biet cac ban nghi sao thoi.

First of all I like to say that it is "trom" not "chom." Anyway, I read about this awhile ago on Thien Kim's Facebook, but didn't think it was such a big deal. However, people are still talking about so I thought I'll inform you guys if you haven't heard. So apparently singer Thien Kim posted pictures on her Facebook and the pictures were re-posted onto another website and talked bad about, mainly on how she looks. And so the singer posted on her status and via a note on Facebook telling her fans about it. Of course she's not happy but it's not a big deal she said.

One of the main problem people on the Internet have is that Thien Kim is a public figure therefore its 50/50 on being like and dislike. This is with everyone that there will be people who love and hate you. For celebrities it gets even worse but they know that and therefore they have to be preparing for it. They’re in the entertainment business. Some singers had sex tapes leaked, so this is nothing. Secondly, people are saying that if Thien Kim needs to be mindful and take responsibility of the things she posts on Facebook. Once she posted her pictures on the Internet, people are going to see them and talk about them. Third, U.S. singers are fairly busy people that is, if they have shows to attend. If they’re popular enough they wouldn’t have the free time to go online, search up things about them, read and then comment. How often can they response? There are thousands and maybe millions of accounts where a singer or a celebrity was talked bad about. Lastly, any talk whether it is bad or good is free advertisement for a celebrity. When a celebrity is still in “good standing,” people are going to gossip about them. For that reason, Thien Kim should not mind, unless no one cares to talk about her at all. Then she should be upset.

My thoughts: Thien Kim should just let it go and not comment, because by doing so it backfired on her. I cannot sympathize much for her because and it goes back to her as a public figure that she should expect to be talk about. It is the price to pay for being famous. I like Thien Kim when she started out on Paris By Night. However, ever since she started singing on Asia that they didn't really do a good job making her look good. Singers have to keep up with their image and keep the audiences’ interest. In a lot of Asia’s videos, Thien Kim’s image was very cheesy looking, with her belly falling out and all. It is not odd for a Vietnamese singer to go under the knife to look good, rather it is odd if a singer doesn’t. Thien Kim is fading a bit. Vocally and visually she's okay on stage. I viewed most of her pictures in shows and in everyday life I have to say she needs take care of herself more such as dressing more appropriately for certain occasions and doing her hair and makeup better. Exercising to tighten up body parts, which will make her look better.

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Anonymous said...

I don't know, but I think if fans had an ounce of respect they wouldn't repost and talk nonsense. A friend of mine is dating a fairly famous singer here in Vietnam, they go on holiday s lot, and they post the photos online. But I guess I am not such a jerk as to repost them online, that's not cool.

She has a right to be pissed, and don't try to justify it to yourself.