Friday, April 29, 2011

Nu Skin - Keep Age a Mystery?

I don't care for these kinds of advertisements, but what caught my attention was their article "Keep Age a Mystery." You can read it here. I am more interested in the photos that they posted comparing the appearance of two people, one younger and the other older supposedly trying to get to see that the older person doesn't look that old because they use "Nu Skin" and thus was able to hide their aging. Anyway check it out and tell me what you think. Do you or anyone you know use the product?

1. Amy 50 & Gabriel 18

2. Su Yin 33 & Ah Mooi 61

3. Slyvia 48 & Shu Xian 21

4. Tania 43 & Tatiana 18

5. Claudia Galindo 49 & daughter 19

6. Deborah Jacklin 42 & daughter 21 (Which one is 21? I can't tell)

7. Yayoi 55 & えり花 20

8. Lynn Ellicott 49 & daughter 16

9. Marisol Lara 37 & daughter 17

10.Zsuzsanna Wirth 44 & daughter23


Anonymous said...

I swear on at least half them those are just age progressions in some photoshop-esque program...xD

Anonymous said...

These pictures are for real. The company will not release any photos unless they are approved by their legal department. I use the products and they are the best I've ever used. Science based with clinical data to back up results. I became a distributor because of the quality of their products.
Toni in Texas