Thursday, May 26, 2011

Duong Trieu Vu: "I've Got Rid of 60% of Anh Hung's Shadow"

Singer Duong Trieu Vu is talking about Dam Vinh Hung's influenced over him. Mr. Dam mentored every steps of the way in his music career in Vietnam. Even when it comes to handling the press and their tricky questions, Dam Vinh Hung was there to help. Apparently his latest album "Sieu Nhan" following the style of electro pop and R&B was completed mainly by himself without Mr. Dam's guidelines. Very mature and confident, Duong Trieu Vu's stage present has increasingly become more wholesome over just one in Vietnam. Vu personally chose the songs, musicians, recording studio, music genre, cover image, design, music video, and etc... Despite all of this, the singer cannot deny the 40% influence by Dam Vinh Hung. This is because he and Mr. Dam are under the same company "Tiếng Hát Việt" also known as Viet Voice Entertainment. The remainder 60% is under his control and is his own. It is something that Vu has been building quietly over the past year.

When asked why chose the theme "Superman" for his new album. Duong Trieu Vu replied: "Superman is powerful and is the self worth of every human being through determination, try and then exploding those strengths that the person will succeed." However this idea also derives in part from the movie "The Five Brothers of Japanese Superheroes" that he loves. The singer is trying to free from an image of Duong Trieu Vu "angel" previously under much influenced by Dam Vinh Hung. Duong Trieu Vu is always changing his image because he believes that as an artist you have to be innovative- changing constantly. The album "Sieu Nhan" consists of 9 songs, 2 are familiar songs, "Hận tình trong mưa" (Phạm Duy) and "Người về từ lòng đất" (Quốc Dũng), and of the 7, most were written specifically for Duong Trieu Vu by currently famous musicians such as Nguyen Hong Thuan, Nguyen Hai Phong, Nguyen Hoang Duy, and Kien Tran.

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Side comment: When I read the title of the article, I was shocked and had to re-read about 4 times or so before realizing I've a mistake in translating it. The titled reads: "Tôi đã thoát khỏi 60% bóng anh Hưng" When reading it fast the word "anh" becomes "va" meaning and. So I thought Duong Trieu Vu meant he got away from gayness and Hung. The word "bóng" in Vietnamese has a slang meaning. Tsk. Tsk. I do this also when I read text messages. I gotta stop.

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