Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Khanh Ha & To Chan Phong Still Happy after 17 Years

Khanh Ha and her husband To Chan Phong of 17 years are still very happy. In fact, they hardly quarrel. "Our love story is only by fate. And after 17 years, I'm glad we're still happy. I always feel like it's like first time we met, said Khanh Ha about her romance with her husband. They have two sons together; the youngest Ian in the pictures below is 15 years old. 

Singer Khanh Ha have been in the showbiz for quite some time now. She is the sibling of singers Bich Chieu, Tuan Ngoc, Luu Bich, Lan Anh, Thuy Anh, and Anh Tu (who passed away due to heart complications said the singer in the interview) and daughter of musician Lu Lien. Her husband To Chan Phong is eight years younger and is the nephew of musician Trinh Nam Son (famous for the song "Di Vang"). You might also remember To Chan Phong on Paris By Night as an emcee alongside Nguyen Cao Ky Duyen and Nguyen Van Thinh for Paris By Night Talent Show 2007. Recently he was in Vietnam to participate in Luu Bich's live show event. Even with Khanh Ha's busy lifestyles and leaving on weekends leaving her husband and two sons at home, To Chan Phong has been very supportive of her singing career. Even though he has been focusing on business for quite a long time, his passion for music is still there. Khanh Ha and To Chan Phong's almost 20 years marriage is still going strong. What's their secret? Is it really all fate or that certain couple is luckier than others in marriage. I believe that it is all that and a lot of hard work and love.


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