Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Ky Duyen: Hung Thinh Corp's New Face Representative

MC Ky Duyen is the new picture face representative for Hưng Thịnh Corporation in Vietnam. Hung Thinh Corp is a real estate investment company since 2002. During the press conference at Sheraton Hotel, the emcee did not hide her happiness and emotions upon receiving the invitation from Hung Thinh Corp. Ky Duyen shared that she and Hung Thinh met by chance. At that time she was asked to be host for a conference event introducing a new project - OCEANAMI villa resort in Long Hai. Furthermore the emcee praised the company's work ethnic and professionalism. Therefore when she when she was asked to represent the label, she did not hesitate because of the good impression she had of the company. Many famous Viet faces attended the event including models, beauty queens and also Ky Duyen's mother.

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