Monday, May 16, 2011

Toc Tien Celebrates Birthday

Thuy Nga's up and coming young singer Toc Tien celebrates her birthday this month on the 13 with colleagues Mai Tien Dung and Diem Suong and friends. Check out some fun photos below courtesy of Toc Tien. Happy birthday Tien! Click on the images to enlarge.

"very delicious chocolate birthday cake from Mai Tien Dung! I love it so bad! When they asked me to make a wish, I just say: "mong cho album của mình thành công" :P.... Moreover, those candles are magic ones: I blew them many times but they were still firing!"

"got a beautiful dress from Diem Suong! Thanks sweetie!"

"và nhận brown leather iPad case từ người chị dễ xương Helen!" from Calgary

"đứa em dễ thương tặng quà cho bà chị già! :))"

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