Saturday, June 04, 2011

Chosen's 'Psychedelic Phonetic' Trailer

"Psychedelic Phonetic" is Rapper Chosen's latest project. "One of my long time childhood dreams was to make a music video like this; now it's coming into fruition!" Check out the official trailer below.


Anonymous said...

lol, that's unfortunate, having multiple spelling and grammar mistakes.


Anonymous said...

"lol" is not a word, "multiple spelling" is also a mistake, there should be a comma before "and grammar mistake," also the whole sentence is improperly written. I'm not criticizing 12:24pm. I'm merely pointing out the irony of his or her judgment of the blog

Karly said...

Thanks for the comments! (I'm not sure why Chosen's post is the place for it- try using the chat box on the side). ^_^

I have to admit one of the downfalls is the mistakes otherwise it be better, however this gives me something to improve on I guess. Happy reading! ^^