Friday, June 03, 2011

Jennifer Pham & Son's Day Out

Jennifer Pham and ex Quang Dung are busy with their individual careers thus they came to the decision at the beginning of this year to let their son, Bao Nam live with Jennifer's mother in United States rather than under the care of a maid. Jennifer shared that the educational environment over here (America) is better, ensuring that Bao Nam can learn and develop in a more convenient way. The actress put a hold on her work in Vietnam to visit her family and take care of son who is now well over 3 years old. Reunited with her ​​son after a long time apart, Jennifer is radiant with happiness. She felt at peace when the little angel and family. Both mother and son were inseparable as they hung out and playing together happily.

Comment: I wonder how things like this make headlines same as when celebrities visit children at orphanage and other "goody" things they do to bring about a good name. The pictures, the news, someone had to have set it up. Just a thought. Tell me what you think.



Anonymous said...

Jennifer Pham is trying to make herself look good. All these pictures are just for show to get good press. If she's really a good mother then why didn't she give custody to Quang Dung. At least he will not let his son live thousands of miles away and really take care of his son. Jennifer left her son for someone else to take care and only comes over once in a while to see him. This is ridiculous! If you can't be responsible then let the dad have him. Selfish woman.

Cassandra Ng said...

What the hell you're talking, you never know the truth deep inside. As for me, I believe Quang Dung goes overboard and Jennifer wants him to understand his mistakes.