Monday, June 06, 2011

Sunny Luong: "I've Been Independent Since Little"

Sunny Luong was featured on HimMag.COM. The interview started out with interest in Sunny Luong's tattoo rather than talking about his music. They're art pieces that he is quite proud of yet they're also a worry when he sings because the Vietnamese culture has not yet open up to tattoos. The singer shared that he's not used to promotion his stuff constantly as he should therefore audiences do not hear much about him and his projects in the news. Prior to singing, Sunny Luong held many different jobs such as a phone attendant, waiter, and bank teller. Entering Thuy Nga's Talent Show was not the first time that he participated in showbiz. Prior to the competition he had acted with Quang Minh and Hong Dao. Then meeting with Van Son and he was asked to sing with Vpop.

Sunny Luong is an only child and has been independent since he was little, thus giving him an advantage in the way thinks. In his family, he's the only one following a career in showbiz. Sunny Luong is currently working in Vietnam and overseas as well. He has been working in Vietnam for about two years where opportunities seem best and the environment allows for him to follow dance music that he likes. Currently, he's actively working with a management company on an album that will featured dance music, his forte as well as ballads. Sunny Luong puts in his best in this new project and hopes for success. Click here to read the interview in Vietnamese and see the pages.

Check out a music video from his latest album.


Anonymous said...

I don't know what he really is... a want to be, a legit whatever he think he is or not. His singing is average, it doesn't stand out in anyway. I'm sure he will be much more successful in his music career in VN than in US. I don't hate or like the guy. But, it's hard to take him seriously, or real, or legit when he wears eye liners and pluck his eyebrows.

Anonymous said...

You sound like a hater. If you don't know what/who he is, don't automatically alienate him. He's evidently got talent, otherwise he would not have known about him - just like no body knows who you or I are. iono, maybe you could start plucking your brows and wear eyeliners for credibility hehe.