Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Tu Quyen & Nguyet Anh Left Thuy Nga?

Tu Quyen is one of my favorite singers and I enjoyed her on Paris By Night. It is sad to read on Thuy Nga's forum that she's no longer working with the production company. There are debates still as it is only a rumor that has been going around ever since the beginning of June, 2011 I believe. However Tu Quyen wasn't in Paris By Night 102 or 103 and her Facebook listed her as "has worked for Thuy Nga Production." In addition, her image from Paris By Night DVD cover keeps getting smaller. Sighs... Also missing from Paris By Night is singer Nguyet Anh who compared to Tu Quyen is a newer face. The rumor is that she's suffering from a serious sore throat and cannot sing so Thuy Nga dropped her. I'm surprised about Nguyet Anh though and I hope she's okay. Well, only time will tell. What are your thoughts? And please update me on anything new about the matter.

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