Sunday, June 26, 2011

Y Phung Outside of SBTN Photos

Check out some photos of singer Y Phung outside of STBN building, attending "The Giang Ngoc Show." She's talking on the phone (while driving?) and checking in the mirror while posing with her sparkling white car in a brown outfit. Is it a bit too much? Click on the images to enlarge.


Anonymous said...

She looks short (look at how high her shoe's heels are), and looks like she is getting chubby. Need to show her best feature (cleavage).

Anonymous said...

Yes, she looks really hot when she show her twin puppies. Just check out the youtube video of her performing at Horse Shoe casino. Also, even in that video she is not slim. She is a buxom woman, her waist isn't small like other Vietnamese singers. Got to have some fat to be so well endowed naturally.