Sunday, July 31, 2011

Artist Profile: Vee Phuong

Stage Name: Vee Phuong
Real Name: Tran Nha Phuong A.K.A. Angee Tran
Birthday: August 10th
Birthplace, Ca Mau, Vietnam

Vee Phuong is the unique name given to her by singer Manh Quynh. The young singer currently resides in Seattle, Washington where she is studying law. Born in Ca Mau, Vietnam, Vee Phuong left Vietnam at the age of three to Malaysia. Then in 1992, she and her family was accepted to the United States and lived in Orange County, California. After three years Vee Phuong relocated again to her current home in Seattle Washington. She was introduced to Tinh Music Production by Huy Vu and made her first appearance in Tinh Music 15 in Seoul, Korea. Vee Phuong is a young singer on the rise. Below is an interview of the singer on The Kristine Sa Show back in '09

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Anonymous said...

Vee is a great singer and I see a bright future for her..I like her music a go girl!!