Sunday, July 10, 2011

Food Images from Ky Duyen's Memory Lounge

Below are some images from Ky Duyen's restaurant Memory Lounge posted via Facebook by the emcee. The pictures look fancy and pretty as expected. Portion size is small, perfect for the trend in Vietnam to be super thin, bad for everyone else planning to get full (haha). However, people who come to Memory Lounge pay for the name in relation to the emcee. They also pay for the atmosphere and the whole experience. Ky Duyen shared on Facebook status, "Yay! My manager just informed me that about 1000 customers came to Memory today!! AND I took pictures with everyone!! Well, actually only about 867 pictures!! :)))" Check out the photos below and click on the images to enlarge.

"Memory Lounge Lamp Chop - Suon Cuu"

"Soft shell crab and lime leaf noodle soup - Bún cua lá chanh"

"Orange and Puppy seed muffin with fresh fruit salad - Bánh bơ cam và hạt poppy với trái cây"

"Memory frog leg congee - Cháo ếch Memory"

"Ice cream"

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