Monday, July 11, 2011

Nguyen Khang's Son Turns 1 Month!

In November of last year, singer Nguyen Khang got hitched actress Lam Bao Nhu in Vietnam. Lam Bao Nhu postponed her acting career to live with the singer in the states. The two recently welcomed their son, Nathan Trí Nguyên Trần (nicknamed Cu Rim) who turns a month. A cerebrating party was held and many familiar faces of Asia were present such as Doan Phi, Truc Ho, Sy Dan, Le Anh Quan, Diem Liem, Bang Tam, Mai Thanh Son, My Huyen, Quoc Khanh, Ho Hoang Yen, Quang Minh, Hong Dao, with singers Lam Anh, Phuong Hong Que and comedian Viet Huong with husband Hoai Phuong . Check out some photos below and click on the images to enlarge.

Click here to read another article in Vietnamese about this news.

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