Monday, July 25, 2011

Vietnamese Celebrities and Their Families

Don't you ever want to see the people who created your favorite idol? What their families are like? Well, then this post is for you because below are some photos of Vietnamese celebrities and their parents, siblings, and spouses. So cute! Check them out and click on the images to enlarge. Like posts like this?  Then check out other fun posts such as Wacky Moments, What Are They Doing, Celebrities Gone Wild, Guess Who?, Celebrities and Food, and When Celebrities Travel. Click on the images to enlarge.

Toc Tien and family

with her dad

Ky Phuong Uyen and family

with hubby and family

with her sis

Trish Thuy Trang and her dad

Bao Han and her parents

Chosen and his mom

Minh Tuyet and her parents

Luu Viet Hung and his mom

Tran Thai Hoa and his mom

Phi Phi and family

Thuy Huong and family at brother's graduation

Hanson Truong and family

with mom

Ho Le Thu and family

Tu Quyen and her sister

Loan Chau and family

Trinh Lam and family

Nguyet Anh and her mom

Huyen Ny and her mom

Nhu Loan and her parents

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Loan said...

Omg nguyet anh looks exactly like her mum. And tu quyen's sister looks so much like her, too. Lovely photos! Thanks for sharing xox