Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Justin Nguyen "Hugs" Trish Thuy Trang

Young singer Justin Nguyen felt embarrassed when he shared to viewers of Au Lai Oi TV about his celebrity crush on Asia's singer Trish Thuy Trang. "She is just so cute. When I first saw her I was like my God she looks so freaking cute." Trish was the first person that Justin sang with in his first video. Wow, she must have really made an impression. Justin added that when he got to know Trish, "she was a super, super, nice person. So giving, so honest." And he just loves her because she's a real good person. Hmm, is that crush for Trish still lingering? Check out photos below of Justin showing some "love" to the Trish Thuy Trang. Well, to the advertisement signs with her on it that is. Trish is the face for Kim Phuoc Jewelry. Sorry, Justin she got hitched last year.

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