Thursday, August 04, 2011

Ngo Thanh Van's Waiting for a Marriage Proposal

Ngo Thanh Van entered showbiz at age 19. After having achieved many successes in the world of showbiz, the actress now has more time for love. She is not afraid to confess that she is waiting for someone to propose and start a family. However, looking back at when she was 19 and still living in Norway, Ngo Thanh Van chose to run away from love and marriage when she left someone at the altar to chase after a stronger passion at the time, which was a career in showbiz. Now at an older age where everything is somewhat stable, she yearns for love and family. What about Johnny Tri Nguyen?

"Actually I wanted to dodge the question. I do not want to always refer to Tri Nguyen in my stories, especially romance. I fear most is that the audience will think I am using the love story as a way to promote for one another..." After commenting so, Ngo Thanh Van shared that the two were once not seen together as much causing many rumors. The reason was due to different event units and to which guests were invited. Furthermore, she and Tri Nguyen were heading different paths in their career, she with her 365 Band. Is there another movie that the two will make together?

"In a meeting for crew members of the movie Bay Rong, we were just giving ideas, suggestions for new movies, and did not have any documents or scripts. To say, I can only say two things. The film will be a reunion of Thanh Van - Tri Nguyen. Second, we will continue to make action films - martial arts as it is our strengths. The actress shared that she will continue to sing and perform at different venues, bars, and places where audiences love her dance music styles. Most of her time is spent on working with 365 Band and not much time for herself. Ngo Thanh Van had to cancel on an album that she planned to release at the end of the year because she doesn't have time. However, she's happy because she gets to dance, sing and come out with an album for the group. Source.


Anonymous said...

LOL! Any guy who wants to marry her is a fool. But someone will, can't wait until someone steal her husband from her.

tlx43n said...

This bitch and happiness? Pfft I hope she thinks of how Jonny douchebag's ex wife feels and how the woman is out raising two kids by herself.

Anonymous said...

Homewrecker has no shame.